How you can effortlessly run your business in a faster way

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How you can effortlessly run your business in a faster way

This video will share with you a quick story that will help you to understand what is GetResponse, and more importantly, why do you need this.

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There is much talk about the advantages for businesses when they automate their marketing. Some of our customers already are proving it themselves. In this post, we summarize the benefits they have achieved through marketing automation.

So focus to this article on the key areas where marketing automation can help businesses:

1. Eliminates cold calls

Automated marketing provides the sales team a list of prepared and qualified leads, thereby increasing the chances of success of the calls. The resources and time devoted to the leads who are really interested in closing a purchase.

The automation marketing accompanies your leads from the ‘top of the funnel’ until they are qualified for sale by tracking tools and nurturing, which see every interaction of lead with the company and establish automated filters that advance the lead in the sales funnel. When the sales team calls on the prospect, the lead already knows the company and its products. Conversely, the sales representative has information on the activity of lead and preferences.

2. Shorten the sales process

You have done a survey to find potential customers. After an active search you able to connect and establish a relationship. Over time you have managed to establish enough confidence to offer the services of your company as a solution to their problems. And after all this time, now you find yourself with a “I have to think.” The truth is that, for a sales person, a “no” resounding early at least lets you know exactly where you are. Time is very valuable, and one of the advantages of automating marketing is that it reduces the time of the sale process.

3. Make the most of email

Being connected with your leads and your customers is extremely important for all businesses. One of the most used tools for this purpose is email. But massive emailing does not work and can be counterproductive.

With marketing automation software, you can customize the message content to fit the recipient’s interests. You can also create segmented contact lists automatically. And with the analysis tool you can program the best time to communicate with them and measure what kind of message is the most effective.

4. Align the sales and marketing teams

Your sales team spends more time selling, and your marketing team will have more tools and resources to track and quantify the results of marketing activities. The two teams will use the same software to ensure they are aligned toward the same goals. In short, with a Marketing Automation tool, companies can more effectively run the various marketing activities, managing to increase customer conversion. It also allows them to optimize time and resources.

GetResponse conducts Webinars and provides video tutorial and resources on how to use their products and features.Pricing is suitable for all types of people, they have designed their pricing structure like that if you are a beginner with less than 1000 subscriber you can choose starter Email package which 15$/ month, professional bloggers with less than 5000 subscribers can go for pro package which gives premium landing page functions, there are another two packages which are available agencies and big organization.

Put your marketing knowledge into action. Get automated, and get more customers!

Get a 14 day  GetResponse Trial FREE by clicking HERE: