The great benefits of outsourcing

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The great benefits of outsourcing

“The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles” -Azim Prejmi.

We know that just about every Internet marketer knows they ‘should’ be using a virtual assistant to free up their time for more important matters like arranging JVs and more, But, still, many marketers continue doing all the little things themselves. This is like bending over to pick up a penny while dollars drop out of their pockets — and they end up with a big rip in their pants!

Your business setup, good web pages, offer…
You… how well you communicate, your ability to create content, manage, delegate, organize
The tasks you are wanting to delegate
The instruction you provide, how easy and effective they are to follow
The Virtual Employees ability
Your expectations & patience
Can you afford not to hire a virtual assistant? Let's take a look…
What is your yearly income? Please write down that amount, because it's important.

Now let's say you wrote down $100,000 per year. Have you ever figured out what that means in terms of your hourly rate? It's easy to calculate. You simply take $100,000 and divide it by 52 weeks. Then you divide that by 6 days (assuming you work 6 days like many Internet marketers). Then, finally, divide that by 8 hours to come up with your hourly rate. In this example, your hourly rate would be $20/hour.What this means is that if you are doing tasks that would cost you less to outsource, then you are hemmorhaging money by doing it yourself!

One clue element is to give precise instructions


Often the difference between a successful outsourcing assignment and one that does not fare well, is the clients ability to provide instructions, guidance and scheduling when certain tasks need to be done and for how long.

Simply saying "Do my Social Media", or "help me with Facebook, Twitter" is not going to yield results! Give specific instructions of WHAT you want done, HOW you want it done and WHEN you want it done.

The company have basic training, however, they always encourage clients to provide them with specific training.

If you're ready to hire a virtual assistant then choosing the right outsourcing company is crucial. One of the main reasons internet marketers start out with a virtual assistant and let them go is because they went with the wrong company. 123Employee Testimonial prides itself on providing top-notch outsourced employees eager to work for you. If you are ready

123Employee also provide flexible monthly plans to suit your needs and even provide daily tasks for your virtual assistant that monetize them on your behalf in the direction of generating ongoing passive, residual income for you if for some reason you didn’t have any tasks to assign them on a particular day.